Head of Technology.


Job title: Head of Technology.
Type: Permanent (full-time)
Location: Cannon Street
Salary: Competitive

To apply, please submit your CV to 
Dawn Jones: djones@omniamed.com

We are currently seeking an Head of Technology to join a friendly marketing and development team. As an technical lead, you will be responsible for providing day-to-day support for digital projects, while ensuring that the digital infrastructure is world leading. The key responsibilities for this role include the following: – (this list is not exhaustive): –

The day to day role includes fast-paced delivery of client and internal digital solutions: 

  • Manage dev. agency partners to ensure internal and client deliverables are met.
  • Create project plans to monitor costs, timings and resources.
  • Work with other departments to develop best in class solutions for clients; from web page updates to complete user journey mapping.
  • Team of 1, therefore being able to resource projects against available dev agencies and management will be needed.
  • Design and build an internal team, and or systems to reduce external dependencies and cost.


Strong technical knowledge and a background in software and databases will be needed as a key component of the role is to manage the network of content websites across brands. They all (or need to) align users with a Single-Sign-On (SSO) and therefore need to share/communicate through common databases.

  • Architect and manage MySQL databases containing user information.
  • Evaluate, optimise and manage SSO across multiple brand sites.
  • Monitor, secure CMS across multiple sites, including WordPress, Luccee and Laravel.
  • Make dev. changes to sites where needed, either on staging/ through GIT.


This role will involve leading the IT/IS of the business and therefore a self-starter, with initiative and drive is needed to ensure we work towards future-proofing our systems and protecting our users’ data

  • Conducts research to improve the technological assets of a company.
  • Identifies competitive advantages and technological trends for the benefit of a company.
  • Directs the development and possible implementation of policies in instances of a breach, aka disaster recovery plans.